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Support the BDC Donald McKayle Repertory Fund

Celebrate the great works of the late Donald McKayle

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$30,000 goal

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We fundraise to keep our company growing and dancing!

Donald McKayle (July 6, 1930 - April 6, 2018) is considered one of America's most important performing arts creators, from his earliest works of American Modern Classics, Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder, District Storyville, and Games to recent works, Bittersweet Farewell, Uprooted: Pero Replandado, and his final offering of Crossing the Rubucon: Passing the Point of No Return, plus hundreds more of dance, theater, movie, television, film and cabaret.

Our artistic director, Loris Anthony Beckles was fortunate enough to have worked with Donald. He performed his work prior to working with him directly at the American Music Theater Festival and then at Ailey II, where Loris was assigned a role originally performed by Charles Moore.

Loris was contacted by The Donald McKayle Legacy (DM Legacy) and offered the opportunity to perform works by the late choreographer. The DM Legacy to is one of the most comprehensive bodies of artistic output along with archival materials in the theatrical and dance worlds.
In order to fulfill the honor of performing the pieces, BDC must raise the funds to compensate the DM Legacy for the use of the works which in turn supports BDC and its continuing outreach. Please join us by supporting our efforts. Our total fundraising goal is $30,000. In addition to the DM Legacy payment, we are in need of the stage crew, lighting, sound, audio, music, costumes and compensation for the dancers' rehearsals and performances. Thank you for making a difference for the growth of Beckles Dancing Company and its artistic director, Loris Anthony Beckles.